Chinese Official Hua Chunying Dismisses Japan Protest Over Missile Attack

nancy pelosi vs hua chunying
nancy pelosi vs hua chunying

Why Japan is Protesting Against China?

China’s Army (People’s Liberation) had fired 11 Dongfeng ballistic missiles into Taiwan’s borderline into the water. Missiles fell into north, east, and south of Taiwan between 13:56 and 16:00 on Thursday.

The Japanese government opposed it on Thursday and claims that five ballistic missiles fired by China during its military drills have fallen into Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

Chinese Official Hua Chunying Dismisses Japan claims and said we have not carried out maritime delimitation in relevant waters, so there is no such thing as China’s military actions being held in or entering Japan’s exclusive economic zone.”

She also said, ” The military operations are fully in line with international law and international practices.”

Why Chinese Army Attack Taiwan?

China claims Taiwan as part of its territory under its “One China Principle”.  But America is opposing it from the beginning and wants to include Taiwan in NATO. Because of this America and China’s relations are not very good for a couple of years.

Recently US House speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan after 25 years on 2nd Aug 2022. American Diplomate came to keep Taiwan in a show of strong support for Taiwan despite China’s threats of retaliation over the visit.

As per the International and State Media Immediate after 2 days Chinese military begins ‘strategic’ drills around Taiwan and was attacked with 11 Dongfeng ballistic missiles to Taiwan outside the border.

Is there any loss claimed by Taiwan due to the Chinese attack?

There is no loss claimed by Taiwan. As per China Media, it was a military drill exercise by Dongfeng ballistic missiles, and all 11 missiles fell Taiwan’s north, east, and south into the water.


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